Siwy Camilla Cutoff Shorts
Yves Saint Laurent Leopard-Print Ankle Boots

L.A.M.B. King Buckle Bootie


L.A.M.B. King Ankle Boot in Black - Snagged off for $263.97 (Retail: $475)

Alice by Temperley Chara Cardigan in Black - Snagged off for $316 (Retail: $395)

Ann Taylor Silk Legacy Blouse in Black - Gift from Boyfriend at Ann Taylor store in Aspen Grove

Siwy Jeans Madeline Cut-off Shorts in Jet Obsidian - Worn before here with Marni wedges

Express Opaque Full Tights - Worn before here with McQ leather shorts

Charlotte Russe Canvas Studded Bag in Military - Snagged at Charlotte Russe store in San Diego a long time ago

These are some photos we snapped when out and about for sushi at Japon.  We also went to the Denver Design Center that day and I picked up a gorgeous hinged frog that opens up to reveal a hand-painted little basin of a body.  He is now sitting on my dresser next to my dragonfly lamp and I am thinking about putting some of my jewelry inside him.  He is hard to describe, but I am sure sooner or later I will take photos of him or next to him and they will be up on my blog.  I will make sure of it! 

Anyway, Japon is one of my favorite sushi stops in Denver because everything always tastes fresh.  Plus, the tiramisu is the best dessert I have ever had anywhere and every time I order it is always the same.  I like restaurants that are reliable.  I wore this silk satin blouse that has been hanging in my closet with the tags for a while.  My boyfriend got it for me from Ann Taylor.  I really wanted a nice silk blouse and at the time they were hard to find so he bought me this one.  I like how satiny it is and the color of course.  My Alice by Temperley cardigan was a nice fall sweater coat alternative for layering.  I will never get sick of tights and denim shorts so you might see me in these a lot.  I wore my LAMB buckle ankle boots that are very comfortable despite the height and a studded canvas bag by Charlotte Russe.  This outfit shows more of my mixing higher end with lower end items I think.  



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