Balmain Lace-Up Leather Ankle Boots
Jimmy Choo Tita Fringed Clutch

Fendi Wood-Effect Mary Janes



Fendi Wood-Effect Mary Janes in Brown - Snagged off for $377.50 (Retail: $755)

Isabel Lu Silk Embroidered Dress in Sea Foam - Snagged off for $79 (Retail: $270)

Autumn Cashmere Drape Flower Sweater Vest in Bleach White - Snagged off for $94 (Retail: $187)

Chanel Classic Sunglasses in Brown - Gift from Boyfriend

Vintage Mesh Stone Buckle Bracelet in Gold - Snagged off for $10

This look is really different from my last two posts, isn't it?  I can't make up my mind on any one style and I waver between edgy bad girl and feminine uptown girl.  These Fendi mary janes are supposed to look like wood and the heel is triangular.  I like them because they are so different and they are extremely girly.  I snagged this Isabel Lu dress off of Gilt because I cannot resist this seafoam color.  It is perfect for summer and of course I am holding onto summer for as long as I possibly can before fall is inevitable.  I saw this Autumn Cashmere knit flower vest on Revolve, but I did not want to pay full price so I was happy to see it pop up on Hautelook for a lot less.  I love the flower detailing on the back of it and you can throw it on over almost anything.  The only thing that bothers me about both leather and sweater vests is the fact that they are sleeveless, yet warm.  This makes them impossible to wear in the heat due to the material and impossible to wear in the cold due to the missing sleeves.  Maybe they are perfect for fall or just for layering purposes.  It seems contradictory, yet I keep accumulating more of these creations.  I finished off the look with the first pair of Chanel sunglasses my boyfriend ever bought me and a vintage buckle bracelet.  Last summer I had a weird obsession with buckle bracelets and eBay.  Thankfully that is over! I have been helping my nephew all morning with a personal narrative he has due today and it makes me wonder why I never went into teaching.



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