McQ High-Waisted Leather Shorts
Fendi Wood-Effect Mary Janes

Balmain Lace-Up Leather Ankle Boots



Balmain Lace-Up Leather Ankle Boots - Snagged off for $897 (Retail: $1465)

Balmain Bullet Belt in Black - Snagged off for $450 (Retail: $1345)

Patterson J. Kincaid Sydney Running Shorts in Black - Snagged off for $88 Retail

Thayer Men's Shirt in Army Green - Snagged off for $110 (Retail: $220)

ASOS Over The Knee Socks - Snagged off and worn before here with Alexander Wang leather corset shorts and here with Kimberly Ovitz tunic

Here is my take on the military trend featuring Balmain items.  I wanted to wear this canvas army shirt by Thayer and I have always imagined it with the Balmain bullet belt.  By the way, this belt is so heavy and I believe it could come in handy as a weapon if needed.  You could whip this thing out and really hurt someone if they were after you.  Sometimes the bullets poke me a little bit, but otherwise it is love.  Next time, I will try it with denim.  It was hard to roll the sleeves up on this shirt, due to the stiff canvas material, but this is the best army shirt I have found and the color is perfect.  I wanted the belt sort of slanted and slung diagonally over my waist.  For bottoms I wore my silk track shorts by Patterson J. Kincaid.  These little shorts are soft, comfortable, and quick to put on when you are in a hurry.  I topped the outfit off with my favorite non-itchy knee socks from ASOS and of course some Balmain lace-up boots.  I was mad that the day after I got these they got marked down to $597, but I did snag the last pair in my size so I guess it worked out okay.  There is no substitute for a great snag!



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