Miu Miu Satin Daisy-Print Clogs
Gucci Venus Front-Zip Platform Sandals

Giuseppe Zanotti Sculpted Platform Leopard Wedge Booties


Giuseppe Zanotti Sculpted Platform Wedge Booties in Leopard - Snagged off Shopbop.com for $1195 Retail

Siwy Jeans Madeline Short in Jet Obsidian - Snagged off RevolveClothing.com for $128.35 (Retail: $151)

Torn by Ronny Kobo Tiger Print Black Tank in Rhinestuds - Snagged off LindsayLou.com for $53.00 (Retail: $104)

I know these Giuseppe Zanotti leopard wedges were expensive, but in my defense I have to say that Shopbop's new feature of saying "only 1 left" is what drove me over the edge.  I check out the new arrivals every day and the day these popped up I knew I had to pull the trigger.  Photos of them at LuisaViaRoma were all over the web and even before then I had seen them on their website and lusted after them.  I was beyond elated that I could get them from Shopbop with free shipping and no tax.  They speak for themselves so I decided to keep my first outfit with them pretty simple.  The light seemed to make them glow along with my Torn tiger tank.  It looks like the tank and wedges are a perfect match.  These were my first pair of denim shorts by Siwy and they are so soft.  I was looking for a black pair and Abercrombie never makes anything in black so off I went searching the internet and I found these.  Say goodbye to Abercrombie denim shorts and hello to Siwy shorts!  I am not going back because Siwy denim is perfection.

One of my favorite things to do is go around the neighborhood visiting horses and people really don't seem to mind.  I have always wanted horses.  Instead, I have a miniature farm consisting of guinea pigs that need timothy hay constantly.  I imagine a horse is a bigger version of a guinea pig with lots of stall/pen cleaning to do and tons of hay being eaten every day.  If I didn't do anything with my life, I would be happy knowing I took care of many animals along the way.  My boyfriend doesn't always understand my two sides, but he knows they are present.  If I had my big dream farm with pigs, horses, and chickens why would I need designer shoes?  The tomboy in me wants to be out in my boots all day in the mud, but when I want to feel glamorous I put on a pair of designer shoes.



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