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Burberry Laced Motorcycle Boots

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Nightcap Black Long Sleeve Lace Victorian Dress - Snagged off

Burberry Black Laced Motorcycle Boots - Snagged off

Free People Feather Earrings - Snagged off

Can you tell I have an addiction to everything lace at the moment?  I splurged on this Nightcap lace victorian dress and I don't regret it.  I think it is a beautiful piece and the detailing is gorgeous.  Also, the lining feels like silk so I barely notice I am wearing it.  I paired this delicate lace dress with my tough motorcycle boots from Burberry.  These are my favorite even though they are not the latest version of the Burberry motorcycle boots.  I like the slight platform and the buckle detailing.  Plus, all you have to do is zip them up and you are done.  The lacing is just a facade.  The side zip does all the work and I like a boot that is easy to slip on every day.  I had to add a bit of a bohemian feel so I pulled out my feather earrings in yellow.  I really love them and they were not that expensive.  I have them in a bunch of other colors too.  I wore some peacock feather earrings in an earlier post that were from Ra Creations so you should check it out.  Feather earrings will always be a favorite of mine.  I don't like to wear a lot of jewelry at once.  Usually I will wear one piece of jewelry or none at all. 

I don't know if you already know this or not, but the cool thing about having my blog on typepad is that if you want to see these photos in higher resolution you can just click on them.  I want to thank you for all the love on Twitter, Bloglovin, and Google Friend Connect.  It really means a lot to me.  Today we went to buy the Apple iPad and it is pretty awesome.  I will let you know the pros and cons once I have played around with it for a little while.

We took these photos and thought it would be really interesting if we started a fire.  It got pretty hot near my legs in a few of the photos, but I think it added a neat dimension.  I had fun playing with the fireplace tools.  Denver weather can never make up its mind and it was a bit colder when I wore this outfit, but I am happy I got to wear my boots.  I feel like I can kick some serious butt in them.  Oh, do you like my pig?  I picked him up at the gardening store the other day.  I have a thing for pigs and I collect pig items.  I think he is the best photo out of the bunch.  He is supposed to be outside, but I am keeping him indoors because he is so cute.  He is made out of lava rock.



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