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Navajo Sweater



Abercrombie and Fitch Navajo Sweater - Snagged online at Abercrombie.com

Abercrombie and Fitch White Ruffle Peasant Camisole Top - Snagged online at Abercrombie.com

J Brand Lovestory Bell Bottom Jeans in Ink - Snagged at Boogie's in Aspen, Colorado

Target (Xhilaration) Brown Buckle Boots - Snagged at Target in Denver

These photos were taken before and after a movie outing with my boyfriend. It was a slushy night so I took out my trusty Target boots and my warm Navajo sweater.  I searched for the word 'navajo' on the Shopbop website and 5 results came up with similar sweaters to the one I am wearing in these photos.  The only difference is that my sweater cost $30 and the ones on Shopbop cost between $300 and $600.  Oh, this sweater has pockets too, which always come in handy.  Italian leather is nice, but it never fares well in snow and rain so I turn to my favorite Target buckle boots.  I love this sweater and sometimes this is my favorite style of dressing.  I have a deep love for bell bottom jeans and the bohemian look.  I think it is nice to pull out flare jeans every once and a while because skinny jeans can be a little constricting. 

My boyfriend decided to smuggle his old D60 into the movie theater so when I came out of the bathroom after the movie was over I was a little shocked to see him snapping photos.  We have been using the D300s so often now so when I saw the D60 again I almost burst out laughing because it looked so tiny, thus the goofy smile in the first move theater photo.

Denver is starting to thaw out a little bit and we have gotten back to our normal routine of walking every day around the neighborhood.  It is nice and refreshing to be out and exercising again.  I love the outdoors.  We saw a fox today on our walk so we had to be extra careful when we took the toy poodles outside for their bathroom breaks. 



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