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Faux Fur Fantasy


Kova & T Black Lace Renata Keyhole Back Dress - Snagged off

Deep in Vogue Vera (Gruhche on Etsy) Cream Faux Fur Scarf - Gift from Vera

Danskin Black Opaque Tights - Snagged off

Fendi Black Suede Wedge Shoe Boots - Snagged off

Hermes Gold and Black Wide 'H' Hinge Bracelet - Gift from Boyfriend

What can I say?  I am loving lace more than ever so I decided to break out one of my favorite (and my boyfriend's favorite) body-con dresses on a snowy day. I love the back details on this dress and the three buttons on the back of the neck.  The sunshine hasn't shown its face for a few days and Colorado has finally decided to kick this whole winter season into high gear, much to my dismay.  I haven't let the weather dampen my spirits though.  I dressed up in some suede wedges I know would never make it through the snow without being permanently disfigured.  I love the shiny wedge detail and the mesh inset upper.  Can you tell I read the clothing descriptions on Shopbop a little too often?  These things are going to be cute once the snow goes bye bye. 

I buy absolutely everything Vera makes because the quality and design is always perfect and in one of my recent Deep in Vogue packages she threw in this cream colored faux fur scarf, which is so soft I think I could sleep with it every night.  I decided to pair it with black for a rich black and cream/gold color scheme.  We set up our photoshoot in a corner bar of the master bedroom and went to town.  My dear boyfriend bought me this lovely bangle that he picked out himself from Hermes.  He has pretty good taste in jewelry and I make sure to let him know.  I picked up this stuffed kitty at the Denver Zoo when my sister, niece, and nephew visited us in Colorado in the summer of 2008.  He still had his tags on, but I finally cut them off for the photos.  I love his big blue eyes.  My niece picked out the same cat on that trip.  I think he loves Vera's faux fur scarf just as much as I do.



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