Curtain Call
Leopard Colonnade

Girls' Night Out











Alice + Olivia Lace Bustier Dress - Snagged off

Clu Black Nylon Mesh Long Sleeve Top - Snagged off

R.J. Graziano Crystal Link Necklace - Gift from Boyfriend

Gucci Thigh High Division Boots - Snagged off

Vintage Porsche - Borrowed from my boyfriend

My boyfriend loaned me his car so my best friend and I could have a girl's night out.  Don't worry, we just went to a trendy restaurant for dinner.  He wanted to take some photos of me in my thigh high boots before I left to pick up my girlfriend.  It seemed fitting to wear them since I was getting to drive his vintage Porsche.  I finally got a pair and I think these are going to last a lifetime as long as I take care of them and my legs stay the same size.  I figured if I was going to invest in a pair of thigh high boots I might as well cut to the chase and pick out my dream pair.  The boots kept me so warm I didn't even need a coat or it could be the nice weather Denver has been having recently.  These Gucci boots make me happy, but they do take a little effort and patience to put on, lying on my back on the floor and pulling for dear life seems to do the trick.  Once I break them in I am sure I will be slipping them on a lot more often.  This dress from Alice + Olivia looked a lot better on me when I layered it over this mesh long sleeve top I got from Revolve Clothing.  I love the seam detail on the top and I think it is a versatile piece.  I definitely think it was difficult to find something to go with my thigh high boots that downplayed their sexiness, yet still made a statement on its own comparable to the boots.  This dress seemed like the perfect fit for the boots.  I am also totally in love with this necklace my boyfriend got me because it seemed to top off the outfit so well and I can imagine it spicing up outfits in the future. 



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