skater dress and jellies



(Forever 21 Dress, Givenchy Bag, JA-VIE Ballet Flats)

I had to include these photos because my precious Bella is in the first one.  My first thought every morning when I wake up is Bella and my last thought before I fall asleep is Bella.  There is a deep aching loss inside of me that will probably never go away since losing her.  I feel very close to animals and I would be happy just being with toy poodles for the rest of my life.  I will always miss that girl.  She was my first toy poodle.  I feel like she didn't quite get to live out her full lifespan.  I guess she had a bad heart, but you would never know it from how she acted day to day.  I love you Bella and I will never ever forget you girl.



yeah they were all yellow


(Vintage Tee and Vintage Levi's Shorts, Christian Louboutin Pumps)

I was messing around with my best friend and we had this little impromptu photo shoot.  I was actually wearing flip flops with my look, but while organizing my shoes I found my platform Christian Louboutin pumps.  I realized they looked pretty dope with the cut-off denim shorts and the leg elongating effect wasn't too bad either.  I am really into vintage tees like the one I am wearing here.  I was in pep band, but not at Wright State.  This yellow color is the perfect kind of vintage yellow I like to find in my clothing.  I actually really love yellow and orange, but those colors don't always love me back.  It is the curse of being a redhead or as most people see me, a strawberry blonde.  I've finally accepted myself after all these years and I can say that I am truly happy with being me.



pastel rainbow stripes




(Vintage Top, Levi's Jeans, ECCO Ballet Flats)

Lately I have been throwing in some eighties looks.  I am into any rainbow or striped tops and sweaters.  Acid wash jeans are looking appealing to me as well.  I feel like vintage fashion and thrifting is where I belong  I love it much more than buying new items.  Granted, sometimes you have to buy new items for certain pieces, but I enjoy when things get worn in as I wear them and mold to my body or feet.  I wear these flats almost every day.  I will be sad when they fall apart.  They are so comfortable!  The last photo shows an assortment of my favorite outerwear of the moment.